Potential Military Musicians

Potential Military Musicians

Interested in military bands? As a former member of both an Air Force regional band (Heritage of America Band at Langley Air Force Base, VA) and The United States Air Force Band in Washington DC (premier band), there are a lot of great options in all of the military service branches.
A “premier” band is term used for the military bands that get a special rank of E6. Because these bands assign their members this special rank, these jobs pay more money and are typically more competitive. A few of the “premier” bands include: The United States Air Force Band, Washington, DC; “The Presidents Own” United States Marine Band, Washington DC; United States Navy Band, Washington DC; “Pershing’s Own” United States Army Band, Washington DC; United States Coast Guard Band, New London, CT.

In addition to the “premier” bands, the secret is out on the quality of many of the United States military bands stationed all over the world. These jobs are becoming more competitive and increasingly viable in a market that can be difficult for musicians. Most members of these groups have a degree in music (although not required), and benefits include: competitive salary; college loan repayment; GI Bill; Allowance for Housing (BAH); and many more.

The audition requirements for these positions are typical to that of an orchestra audition. There are standard excerpts from both the wind band and orchestral repertoire, and typically sight-reading elements. If the position is for a jazz position, the audition excerpts will reflect that with standard jazz excerpts.

Below are some standard military band excerpts. If you have any questions, please contact me.


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