Military Band/Trumpet Summit with Christopher Wilson, September and October, 2021

Back by popular demand: after launching this course last Spring, we are back for another round (see what former students say about this course below).

Are you interested in a career as a military musician? Are you curious to learn about the many opportunities in the various bands? It’s no secret that these jobs are highly sought after, and include more opportunities than just the premier and academy bands. As a former member of both the Air Force Premier Band in Washington DC, and an Air Force regional band, I am extremely excited to offer this course on Sunday evenings throughout September and October.
In addition to the eight 90-minute weekly virtual sessions, each participant will have access to a private group where participants will have weekly excerpt coachings, and more.

Some topics will include:

  • Surveying the different jobs, including day to day activities.
  • Featured guests who are current and former members of different military groups.
  • Working through the audition process, including the most requested audition excerpts.

    I would love to have you join this community to explore the many opportunities in military bands. If you are interested in more information, including signing up, click here. Deadline to commit to this course is September 1st. Limited slots available.


    What former students say about this course:

    “This course really expanded my approach and skill level toward not only military auditions, but auditions in general. This was worth more than I could have imagined. Great experience. Thanks, Chris!”

    “Chris was very thorough about the audition process and how the various military bands operate.”

    “This course was super informative! I really appreciate the premise and execution. The feedback on the weekly excerpts was invaluable.”

    “I really enjoyed the guest lectures and stories that they had to share. The information provided about the audition process was extremely helpful.”

    “I enjoyed getting to hear everyone playing the same excerpts and receiving feedback from Chris.”

    “The guest artists were incredible! It was great to hear their perspectives from the other side of the screen.”

    “This course was informative and convenient without being a ‘worse version’ of what we could do in person. Thoroughly learned from each and every class.”

    “The presentation of topics was very organized.”